Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fourth Floor, Last Door

Hi Everyone!!!!!

Today we went to the temple!!!! It was absolutely beautiful, but I have almost 0 time. 

So just 2 quick stories. First, this week my companions and I put the goal to find a new family that will attend church this week. Yesterday we were contacting and looking for future investigators like crazy! But no one was accepting. That´s when we decided to say a prayer, and to our minds came the talk from the General Women's session last conference by President Uchtdorf, "Fourth floor, last door." We decided to keep looking, and literally the last people we tried accepted us. I know the Lord is preparing a lot of people and families for us, and though they might be the last ones, if we are diligent we will find them. 

Second thing, we had a worldwide broadcast for missionaries last Wednesday. It was excellent. It was also very interesting, because they announced some changes to the missionary schedule and the key indicators. Supposedly our mission president was going to help clear things up for us, but President Urrea found out the same time we did. The church announced some of these changes in December to all the mission presidents, but for all the changes and confusion this mission had in December with our mission presidents, we somehow were missed. President Urrea also is beginning to implement his own changes in our schedule and other things in the mission, so, yeah, it´s been a crazy week. But I love change, it keeps us awake and it keeps us constantly trying to repent and be better.

Well, I love and miss you all!! Thanks for all your support!
-Hermana Herron

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