Monday, January 23, 2017

A Trio

Hi Everyone!!

Well, this week has been quite interesting. 

My new area, like I said last week, is right here in middle of all my other areas. It is very small, not quite as small as Mira Azul was, but still small, but a lot of people live here because there are a lot of apartment buildings. We live in one of them, 4th floor out of 10. And it is a really nice, rather rich area. Maybe La Aurora and Joyas 2 were just especially poor, but I honestly feel uncomfortable in some of these houses. But there is a lot of work here, a lot of people that we are teaching. 

Also, all the members here have friends or family that live in my other 3 areas.

My two companions are really good. Hermana Brady is my first American companion since the CCM, she´s from Las Vegas, and this is actually her last transfer, she goes home in the middle of February, before the transfer actually ends, which is why we are in trio right now. She has a lot of experience as a sister training leader and has the most time in this ward as well. She´s also the second person I´ve met here in the mission who was at BYU before the mission, like me. Actually, we lived in neighboring buildings in Helaman Halls the same year at BYU, but neither of us remembers having seen each other.  Hermana Perez is form Guadalajara and has just one transfer less than me. I´ve known here since her first transfer here, so we were both excited that we would be companions. She is really sweet. Actually, the three of us complement each other pretty well for how we teach and work, so things are working out well. 

It´s been forever, so I´ll throw in a quick Mexican fun fact. Just like in English, there are different accents in Spanish. In the beginning of my mission I couldn´t hear them, I could just here people speaking Spanish, but now I can recognize a lot of accents, and it is really fun. For example, my mission president, Presidente Urrea, is from the north, from Monterrey, and he has the Monterrey accent very strong. Mexico City is famous for its chilango accent, which is very fast and sing-songy. Here in the state of Mexico it´s not quite as common or as strong, but I do here it a lot, especially in street venders and combi drivers. My favorite accent thus far is the accent of my past district leader, who is from Argentina. His accent is like a very very strong Italian accent. It was really hard for me to understand him at first because he says all of his y´s and ll´s like sh, while in normal Mexican Spanish we say the y´s and ll´s more like jy. But now I can understand him better. 

As for me, I have a gringo accent, but I´m working on it. 

Well, I love this work. I love the privilege of spending all my time and all my strength serving the Lord by serving His children here. I know that Christ is directing His work. 

I love you all!
Hermana Herron

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