Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I have no time today, but I wanted to let you all know that yesterday, an investigator named Manuel came to church for the first time! He is a very sweet old man, he is in a wheel chair, but is very humble and willing to learn. He accepted a baptismal date early on and every time we visit him, he reminds us "Hermanas, don´t forget that I´m getting baptized April 8th." And if he keeps coming to church, he will be. 

Sorry I don´t have time to share more. I still love you all! Have a wonderful week. 
-Hermana Herron

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Heritage

Hi Everyone!

Well, this week Hermana Brady went home to Las Vegas, and Hermana Pérez and I are back to being just two, and it honestly feels really weird. Even though I was only in a trio for a few weeks, I really enjoyed it and I got used to it very quickly.

As usual, I have next to no time today, but I just wanted to share with you my testimony that I know that the same gospel that Jesus Christ taught and the same church that He established are on the earth again, and that they were restored through a prophet of God, Joseph Smith. 

This week I was reading a little in a book that all missionaries have called "Our Heritage," which is basically a small sketch of the restoration and history of the church. This week I was reading about Kirtland (yay Ohio) and I was really really impressed by the sacrifices that the early saints made and the faith they showed. Many of them gave up everything they had, including their lives, because of their faith. It really impacted me, because how many times have I complained for sickness (by the way I got sick to the stomach again on Saturday) or fallen appointments or people who reject us or cualquier little thing. I honestly don´t know if I would have been one of the strong, faithful, stalwart pioneers we always hear stories about, or if I would have been a little more like Laman and Lemuel. Maybe I´m not currently in the same kinds of circumstances, but reviewing those stories strengthened my resolve to be the best latter-day missionary that I can be. 

You´re invitation of the week for members is to ask the missionaries if any of their investigators are coming to church and to sit with those investigators in Sacrament Meeting. If you´re not a member of the church, your invitation of the week is to Pray with real intent to know God´s will for you, just as Joseph Smith did.
I love and miss you all! Have a wonderful week!
-Hermana Herron

Monday, February 13, 2017

Personal Progress

Hi Everyone!!!!

This was a pretty interesting week. As sister training leaders, we do exchanges with various companionships of sisters in Cuautitlan each transfer. This week we were planning on doing some on Tuesday and on Friday. Well, Tuesday Hermana Brady got really sick and was throwing up and everything. Because we´re in a trio, it wasn´t too much of a problem, Hermana Perez and I went did the exchanges with the two other sisters while Hermana Brady rested in the house of a member. Friday though, we ended up doing two exchanges at the same time. Hermana Brady went to the area of some sister missionaries with both of them to see how they are working together in their area, while Hermana Perez and I were going to do normal exchanges with another companionship. but that day, I got really sick with the same thing Hermana Brady had. So poor Hermana Perez was with the two sisters all day while I rested in the house of a member.

Yup, interesting week.

Quick miracle, there is a 16 year old less active girl here who until recently was a professed atheist. But apparently 4 years ago, before turning atheist, she promised her sister that she would finish her Personal Progress. And she felt the obligation to follow-through with her promise.  A few weeks ago she came to us asking for help to start her personal progress, and we have been working with her on the first few experiences. The first experience required her to pray twice a day for three weeks, and she has been doing it! We are seeing a big change in her, she no longer says she doesn´t believe in God, she no longer fights with her aunts and sisters, and  she wants to come to church again! Personal Progress really is an inspired program. 

Today we celebrated Hermana Brady´s last día de preparación by going to a cemetery. Actually, it was really beautiful, and the main reason we went is because there is a HUGE statue of Jesus there. Pictures to come in some future day.

Well, this Thursday Hermana Brady ends her mission and flies home, so it will be just Hermana Perez and me here in Arcos. 

Thank you all for your support and your prayers.
-Hermana Herron

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Never Get Discouraged!

Hi Everyone!

I almost couldn´t email you all this week because this computer decided to stop responding for the longest time, but surprise! You all still get an email from me :)

I just don´t have any time at all, so perdón if it´s really really short.

This week we were really focused on contacting and finding. After a lot of really really hard work, we ended the week with.... 0 new investigators. Actually, we had to drop some investigators, and others dropped us, so we ended up with a number considerably lower than we started.

But I´m not discouraged. I know the Lord is preparing people to receive this message. We might not find them when we want, but in His timing, He will put them in our path.

Never get discouraged! Always keep trying, keep working, keep loving, and keep your faith strong! All things will work together for good.

I love and miss you all!
-Hermana Herron

Ps. The bishop here in Arcos has the first name Oliblish. 10 bonus points for the first person to find out where his name comes from.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fourth Floor, Last Door

Hi Everyone!!!!!

Today we went to the temple!!!! It was absolutely beautiful, but I have almost 0 time. 

So just 2 quick stories. First, this week my companions and I put the goal to find a new family that will attend church this week. Yesterday we were contacting and looking for future investigators like crazy! But no one was accepting. That´s when we decided to say a prayer, and to our minds came the talk from the General Women's session last conference by President Uchtdorf, "Fourth floor, last door." We decided to keep looking, and literally the last people we tried accepted us. I know the Lord is preparing a lot of people and families for us, and though they might be the last ones, if we are diligent we will find them. 

Second thing, we had a worldwide broadcast for missionaries last Wednesday. It was excellent. It was also very interesting, because they announced some changes to the missionary schedule and the key indicators. Supposedly our mission president was going to help clear things up for us, but President Urrea found out the same time we did. The church announced some of these changes in December to all the mission presidents, but for all the changes and confusion this mission had in December with our mission presidents, we somehow were missed. President Urrea also is beginning to implement his own changes in our schedule and other things in the mission, so, yeah, it´s been a crazy week. But I love change, it keeps us awake and it keeps us constantly trying to repent and be better.

Well, I love and miss you all!! Thanks for all your support!
-Hermana Herron