Monday, February 13, 2017

Personal Progress

Hi Everyone!!!!

This was a pretty interesting week. As sister training leaders, we do exchanges with various companionships of sisters in Cuautitlan each transfer. This week we were planning on doing some on Tuesday and on Friday. Well, Tuesday Hermana Brady got really sick and was throwing up and everything. Because we´re in a trio, it wasn´t too much of a problem, Hermana Perez and I went did the exchanges with the two other sisters while Hermana Brady rested in the house of a member. Friday though, we ended up doing two exchanges at the same time. Hermana Brady went to the area of some sister missionaries with both of them to see how they are working together in their area, while Hermana Perez and I were going to do normal exchanges with another companionship. but that day, I got really sick with the same thing Hermana Brady had. So poor Hermana Perez was with the two sisters all day while I rested in the house of a member.

Yup, interesting week.

Quick miracle, there is a 16 year old less active girl here who until recently was a professed atheist. But apparently 4 years ago, before turning atheist, she promised her sister that she would finish her Personal Progress. And she felt the obligation to follow-through with her promise.  A few weeks ago she came to us asking for help to start her personal progress, and we have been working with her on the first few experiences. The first experience required her to pray twice a day for three weeks, and she has been doing it! We are seeing a big change in her, she no longer says she doesn´t believe in God, she no longer fights with her aunts and sisters, and  she wants to come to church again! Personal Progress really is an inspired program. 

Today we celebrated Hermana Brady´s last día de preparación by going to a cemetery. Actually, it was really beautiful, and the main reason we went is because there is a HUGE statue of Jesus there. Pictures to come in some future day.

Well, this Thursday Hermana Brady ends her mission and flies home, so it will be just Hermana Perez and me here in Arcos. 

Thank you all for your support and your prayers.
-Hermana Herron

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