Monday, July 25, 2016


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having an amazing summer and are reading your scriptures every day. If not, take a day to go to the pool for me, and start reading the Book of Mormon again. 

Quick fun fact, we are all used to nodding our head to say yes. That´s common here as well. But in Mexico, they also nod the finger to say yes. They hold up their first finger and bend it, like a nod. I think it technically means andale, or something like "that´s right, keep it up."

Well, this week was a really good week. We had 9 new investigators! We are starting to find not just investigators, but families and couples, which is really exciting. And one of our investigators, Hermana Lulu, is the very definition of golden. She has been coming to all of the activities, she´s already read about half the book of Mormon, and when we teach her, she just says, "I already know all this hermanitas." If you remember from a few weeks ago, she is the same investigator that we found when we took refuge in her papeleria from the rain. 

Today we finally did something fun on our Preparation Day and went to Tepotzotlan. It´s a town not too far from here that is absolutely beautiful. Everything is Old-Mexico style, the streets are cobbled, and it´s just beautiful. We spent some time in the Tianguis there, where they sell authentic Mexican things. It was fun and relaxing. 

Have a good week everyone. Sorry I don´t have a really amazing spiritual thought this week, but I know this church is true, I know miracles are real, and I know the Lord is helping us and protecting us here.

Love you all!
Hermana Herron

Ps. pics from Tepotzotlan. The beautiful church/museum there, the candy stall in the Tianguis there, an hermana that we met, and my Chile relleno quesadilla with a blue corn tortilla that I had. It was super good. 

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