Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Temple and a Baptism!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday, we had our Pday moved to today because we went to the Mexico City temple today!!!!1 Ah, it was beautiful, the temple and the experience. I already want to go again. Hopefully we will be able to again in January.

So, all of the emails I got today reminded me of the fourth of July. Honestly, I almost forgot about it. Obviously, the 4th of July isn´t really celebrated here. The 16th of September is. That actually has to do with my fun fact this week. Around here, there are a lot of streets that are named after important dates in Mexican history: 1 de Mayo, 5 de Mayo, 24 de Junio, 3 de Octubre.... We have a whole colonia where all the streets are dates. And the avenue closest to our house is named Avenida 16 de Septiembre. 

Big news this week, Hammurabi got baptized!!!!!!!!!!! I was so so happy to see him get baptized, even in my short time here I have seen a lot of progress in him. As Hammurabi was standing in the font, he started crying, but afterwards he was all smiles. It was another really beautiful exprience. 

I actually took some pictures this week! First ones are from Hammurabi´s baptism. Then a few from the temple this morning, first with Hermana Orrantia, second with Hermana Jimenez, another misionera from my generation. We were in the same district together for over 4 months. And one with Elder Parke. I don´t think I ever really believed that he was also coming to my mission, but there´s the proof. Wadsworth Ward represented. 

Love and miss you all!

Hermana Herron

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