Monday, July 18, 2016

Sisters in Pants

Hola todos!

Hope you are all having a great summer and a great week. My week was a little different, a little rough at times, but overall pretty good. 

Quick fun fact, this week: elotes. Elotes is just another name for corn, but they´re different from the sweet corn we have the united states. They are whiter, and not quite as sweet. But they are still really good. Street venders here sell them on the cob or in a cup, with mayonnaise, chili, and cheese, and they are super good. We bought some in the tianguis on the way here, and I´m eating them right now. 
Also, this week I wanted to tell you all about Elisa. Elisa has been a member her whole life, but for most of her life she was less-active. About a year or two ago, the missionaries found her again, and started working to reactivate her and baptize her family. And she has come back so strong. Now, she and her two children attend church almost every week, and she gave a talk in church the same week I did :) She´s about the friendliest person you will ever meet too. Yesterday we did divisiones again, where I was with one member and Hermana Orrantia went with another to have more lessons, and I was with Elisa. We had a super powerful first lesson with a new investigator, Patricia, and Elisa was able to connect with her really well and help her feel comfortable. 
During exchanges with the capacitadoras this week, we had just one lesson, and it was basically a missionary´s nightmare. This investigator was going to have his baptismal interview, but he just wasn´t feeling well that day or algo, because he was very angry when we went to visit him, and said some really ugly things to Hermana Chavez. But she responded very calmly and very sincerely, and we saw an amazing change in this investigator. By the end he still wasn´t ready to go to a baptismal interview, but his whole attitude had changed, and he was calm and more accepting. Just another example of the power the spirit can have on people when we invite the spirit in by responding the way the Savior would.  
Well, I love you all. I love being a missionary. I love the Lord a lot. And I love having this opportunity to share His gospel with these people.
-Hermana Herron
ps. Pictures. I´d like to present to you all your sister missionaries in pants. We just about gave the Relief Society president a heart attack when she saw us.

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