Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Papeleria in the Rain

Hi Everyone!

So first things first, I bought pants today. For anyone who doesn´t know. Sister missionaries have always worn skirts or dresses, until a recent change that allows some sister missionaries in certain parts of the world to wear dress pants, for added protection against mosquitos that may carry diseases. I haven´t had any problems so far with mosquitos, but my compañera has, so I guess they´re there. The mission gave us some money to buy about 3 pairs each, and we finally had time to go buy them today. Pictures to come. 

Quick culture tidbit, here the very hospitable, cordial thing to do is tell your guests that they´re in their own house, "Estas en tu casa."

We recently started visiting another less-active member. She actually found us and asked us to visit her again, we had no idea she existed. Even though she is baptized, she hasn´t attended in a long time and has been attending various Christian churches, so she has some interesting beliefs. We´re treating her like a brand new investigator. But she is all gung-ho. She has attended church and the activities every week since we first started teaching her.

On Wednesday, we were walking along, headed for the home of un menos activo, when it started pouring hard. We were not very well prepared that day, we didn´t have umbrellas or jackets or anything, so we were basically running through the rain to try to get to the nearest members house. But pretty soon it was pouring so hard that we had to take cover in a random papeleria. We started chatting a little with the woman who owns the papeleria and lives right behind it. And long story short, she is golden! We had just talked about teaching the Godhead in our District meeting that morning, so we talked a little about that, and she was super impressed. She said that she has investigated many different religions, but none of them felt quite right, and none of them talk about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost like us. We chatted with her for a while, and she was loving every word we said. We left her with a pamphlet and another set appointment.

The very next day, we received a text with a new referral, and it was the same woman, Maria Lourdes! She had read the entire pamphlet, gone to mormon.org, and requested a Book of Mormon! We visited her again later to give her the Book of Mormon, and she was asking us questions and everything. Honestly, Hermana Orrantia and I are still kinda in shock.

Maria Lourdes herself said that it´s no coincidence that it started raining when it did and that we found her.  

I hope you all know that this church is true. God is real, and He is our Father. Jesus Christ is our Savior. You can know that as I know it, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Miracles are real. 

I love you all.
Hermana Herron

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