Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hey friends

I hope you are all doing really well. I am really happy here. Cambios are tomorrow, but Hermana Orrantia and I don´t have any changes, and we are super happy. We have worked really hard this entire transfer, we have seen a lot of miracles, and now we are excited to start seeing all these people progress and the ward grow. We have a new ward mission leader too, and he is very excited to help us, so that is also exciting. 

Even though we don´t have cambios in La Aurora, the rest of the zone has a ton of changes. Before, Cuautitlan stake had two zones, now we´re just going to be one zone, and my district before was just la Aurora, the leaders in Bellavista, and the elders in Jardines, but Jardines is being closed, and two other areas of sister missionaries are being added to our district. 

Sorry if that was a lot of missionary lingo. Also, I want to apologize if I sometimes use a lot of Spanish in my emails. I do my best not to.

Well, I don´t have much time, but I just wanted to mention something really quick. Misión México Norte is going be doing a special focus as a mission on consecration this month. We started by all fasting together yesterday. I´m actually really excited about this, because I had been feeling for a little while like I was slumping a little, spiritually and as a missionary. And now I am feeling energized and excited again, and I have some goals that I will be working on this month to become a more consecrated missionary.

Consecration is not easy though. Consecration is giving everything, literally everything to the Lord. Our whole heart, might, mind, and strength. We like to give a little, but it´s always the last part that´s the hardest. But it´s the last part that really counts.
Everything that we give to the Lord-- our time, our talents, our resources, our strength, our lives-- we´re really just returning to Him, because everything we have is a gift from Him. But there is one thing that is absolutely our own, the only real gift that we can give to Him: ourselves. And that is consecration. 
For that reason, humility and exact obedience are so important. I´m out of time, but think about how those two attribute, humility and obedience, lead to consecration, and I´ll try to share more next week. Hopefully I´ll see a lot of progress in myself this week too.

I love you all a lot. Thank you all for your support and your prayers. I am so happy here.
-Hermana Herron

ps. our zone this past transfer

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