Monday, June 27, 2016


Hi Everyone!

The man in the street last week was breathing fire. Not just breathing. Sorry, I was rushed. 

Ok, so here in La Aurora, we have a lot of Tianguis. Tianguis are open-air markets, and they are awesome. There are venders selling literally everything imaginable in the Tianguis: food, clothes, movies, toys...We walked through one to get to the internet where we are emailing today, and we saw a huge booth selling just shoe laces. I love Tianguis.

Ok, well, this was a good week. I have a new compañera, Hermana Orrantia. She has one cambio less than me in the mission field, and she´s great. 

This week I thought I would tell you all about Alejandra. I think I may have mentioned her before. Alejandra is a sweet investigator that we contacted in the street one day. We helped her carry all her bags home, and then we stayed and helped her wash all her dishes and make some agua. She is very very sweet, and very sincere. She can´t read, and she learns very slowly, so we haven´t been able to teach her very much yet, but we´re working on it. She accepted a baptismal date this past week, but then she forgot that we were going to pass by for her on the way to church, and she wasn´t home. But, there´s always next week. I think once she really gets a confirming witness from the Holy Ghost that this gospel is true, she will be unstoppable.

I was studying this week in Mosiah, in the Book of Mormon, about Abinadi. And Abinadi is my hero. As I read the story, I get the feeling that Abinadi may have been a bit of an outsider even before he started preaching and prophesying among the people of King Noah. But that´s just a testimony to me that the Lord calls the weak and simple to bring about His work. I also think Abinadi must have known that he was going to be killed, but that didn´t stop him. And maybe in the end he didn´t feel like he had success or had much of an impact. But thanks to him, Alma was converted, and organized the church of God. And the whole line of prophets that came after Alma: Alma, Helaman, Helaman, Nephi and Lehi, Nephi... It all started with Abinadi. 

Just some thoughts I was having this week. If you are unfamiliar with the story of Abinadi, you can read it in Mosiah chapters 11 through 17 in the Book of Mormon. 

Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Herron

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