Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Teaching Piano

Hola everyone!

Quick fun fact about Misión Mexico Norte, we are not allowed to wear watches when we´re out and about during the day. They don´t want anyone to think we are super rich wearing expensive watches. Which is funny, because I´m pretty sure my watch was about $5 from WalMart.

So it finally happened... I tried a seso quesadilla. Seso is brain. I´m pretty sure it was brain of cow. Really, for a meat it wasn´t too bad, but it´s meat, so it was nasty. I was happy sticking with my quesadilla de queso. 

This week we started teaching piano lessons in the church. Hermana Gonzalez doesn´t play the piano, so that means I started teaching piano lessons this week. The first one was a little rough because I didn´t know any of the music vocab in Spanish, but now I have a nice cheat sheet of all the music terms I could ever need, so hopefully it will go better this week. The whole point of these lessons is to find new people to teach and to help involve members, recent converts, and investigators, and already we are seeing that happen. In the first lesson we had an investigator and two less actives attend. So we are pretty excited about that. 

Another big achievement for me this week was the talk I gave in church yesterday. I was a little nervous about it because of the Spanish and all, but when I started speaking, all of that worry disappeared and the Spanish came out rather easily. Still far from perfect, but easier. It is so cool to see instances like that when the gift of tongues is so obvious. And I couldn´t have asked for a better topic either, The Atonement of Jesus Christ.

By the way, if any of you have not seen the talk None Were With Him, by Elder Holland, go watch it right now. 

Yesterday was a little frustrating for me because once again no one came to church, and I just really want to have a progressing investigator, or an investigator who keeps the commitments that we extend to them. But something my district leader told me really helped. He reminded me that everyone has their agency, and sometimes I´ll be disappointed in the choices they make. But if I am working hard and doing all I can, I will never be disappointed in myself. And I still know that if we keep working hard, we will see miracles here. 

Ok, last thing, the mission president's wife shared a really beautiful song with us that just about made me cry. So I thought I would send you all part of the lyrics. If you can find the whole song on lds.org, definitely go listen to it. 

"It´s Not About You"

You look into your father´s eyes when he
takes his hands off your head
He whispers that he´s proud of you
and he knows you´ll do your best.
You say you wonder if you can do it,
that´s when he says

It´s not about you
It´s not about you
It´s for the people who are blessed by what you do
It´s not about you

Everybody´s gathered ´round you
Eyes all aglow
You start to read that piece of paper
To see where you´ll go
And you wonder if you´re ready
But you already know

It´s not about you
It´s not about you
It´s for those who are searching for the truth.
It´s not about you

Sure you´ve become much better
Because of what you´ve been through
But it´s not about you."

Love you all!
Hermana Herron

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