Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Because I couldn´t think of anything else to title this email. And I won´t be able to say that again for another four years, so why not.

I hope you all have had a great week. I don´t have too much time today, so I´ll just jump straight in. 

Listening is so important in missionary work. We had a really neat lesson this week with an investigator where we hardly taught anything, but we listened, and were able to help her a lot. This investigator has been going through some really hard times in her family recently. And during one of our lessons with her this week, she finally opened up to us and shared some of her worries and concerns. We were able to listen and help and comfort her. And even though we never actually taught our lesson plan, I felt so grateful to have been there to listen. 

Yesterday we contacted someone who has talked to a lot of missionaries before. He lives on the same street as the mission offices, so it´s not that surprising. He has a Book of Mormon and has read the entire thing! But he read it without real intent and without prayer, so he gained absolutely nothing out of it. That kinda shocked me. The Book of Mormon is such a powerful book. It´s true, it´s so true, and it is life-changing. I just can´t understand how someone could read the Book of Mormon and not be changed by it. 

I know that a number of you aren´t members of the church. But whether you are a member or not, my invitation for you is to begin reading the Book of Mormon. Begin with the introduction and the testimonies. If you are a member, read it with a specific purpose in mind. If you´re not a member, please read this book with an open mind and an open heart. It is not meant to replace the Bible, but to support it. And it is true. It is so true. I can´t even begin to express all that I have learned and felt from reading this book, or the power I have felt come into my life from it. 

I love and miss you all. Have a great week, read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and choose the right. 

Hermana Herron

ps, I was going to send pictures this week for once, but this computer isn´t cooperating with my camera, so you will all have to wait until next week. Sorry!

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