Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Looking for Miracles

Hey everyone!

So, first little miracle, for the second week in a row, we had five new investigators! We contacted a family in a park, and they are just golden, we are so excited to start teaching them.

On Wednesday we had a special devotional by President Titensor and his wife and an area seventy, Elder Ismael Mendoza. It was really good, and I got to play the piano for it, which was fun.

Fun fact, all the parks in Mexico City have exercise machines in them. Still not exactly sure why, but people do use them.

So, I´ve been having a lot of thoughts this week, hopefully, I can organize them into something that makes sense here. 

So last Monday, our mission president really started focusing us on our Standards of Excellence. These are goals that we have in our mission to help us aim higher and increase our faith. They include things like 10 contacts everyday, one baptism every month, and thrity lessons with members every week. He sent us the story of a missionary in Uruguay who had so much faith that in an area that hadn´t seen a single baptism in years, he baptized 18 people in only 25 days. After reading that story, I felt totally invigorated, like "Yeah, we can do this, we have the faith, let´s do this." And then in the next three days, we had one of our 10 set, fixed appointments. All the rest were cancelled, or they weren´t home. We spent a lot of time this week walking around our area finding people not at home. That was really hard. I started wondering if maybe I wasn´t having success because I didn´t have enough faith, or because I wasn´t working hard enough. 

Something I realized though is that no matter what I do, I can´t force anyone to come to church or to get baptized. Whenever I have a week where we reach our goals, it is a gift from God. And yes, I need to have faith and work hard to receive that gift, but even when I do everything I can, I might not have a lot of success reaching those standards. But that doesn´t mean I´m a bad missionary, it just means I need to be patient and keep working.

A really famous scripture in the church is 1 Nephi 3:7. If you are a member, you know what it says. If you aren´t a member, you can find the scripture and the story in the Book of Mormon on lds.org, I´m pretty sure. It says that God will never give us a commandment without preparing the way. And even then, Nephi had to try 3 times before he succeeded. So even if it doesn´t happen right away, I am confident we will see miracles here in this area.

Hopefully some of that made sense. But I will keep you all updated on the miracles I do see.

Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Herron

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