Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My First Baptism!!

Hey everyone!

Fun fact: In this mission we are lucky enough to be fed by members most days. We eat one big meal around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. And dinner is usually some sort of snack after we get home around 9:00 at night. Oh, and I was under the impression that I would be eating rice and beans everyday, but what I actually eat everyday is soup. They love soup here.

This has been quite a full week. But it was very fulfilling.

First of all, I had my first experience being bitten by a dog. It was bound to happen eventually there are dogs everywhere here. Don´t worry, he didn´t actually break skin. I think he was just trying to scare us away. And it worked. We left pretty quickly and didn´t go back.

Ok, big news for the week, I got to see my first baptisms on the mission! When we came to the area we just had two progressing investigators, Martin y Pilar. They are an elderly couple and are awesome. It was so amazing to get to see them be baptized, and I can´t even express how grateful I feel to have been there. And they are so happy now. It just makes me so happy.

I wanted to write a little bit about some of the other people we have been working with lately. 
So first, MariCarmen. Her daughters and mother are all recent converts, but she hasn´t yet been baptized, even though she attends church often and has a testimony of the gospel. The first time we visited her, we asked why she didn´t want to be baptized, and she said that it was because she didn´t want to make changes in her life. The example she gave was coffee. We talked to her a little bit about faith and how with Christ, she can have the strength to do hard things. The next time we visited, she wasn´t home but her daughters were. And they told us, "We don´t know what happened, but mamá has basically stopped drinking coffee!" We were shocked! Miracles are real guys. We have seen a lot of progress in MariCarmen just in the three short weeks we´ve been here.

Next, Graciela y Regina. Graciela is a recent convert, and she is awesome, she has a lot of knowledge about the gospel and is truly trying to live it. We have been reviewing the lessons with her, and have also been going over the lessons with her daughter Regina. Regina turns 8 at the end of the month, so we are helping her prepare to be baptized, even though she isn´t technically an investigator.

We have also been working a lot with menos activos, or members who don´t attend church regularly. One in particular is named Conchita. We have been visiting a lot with Conchita, and even though she is progressing very slowly, she is progressing!

As you can hopefully tell, the most important part of my work here is the people. I didn´t come to Mexico for a vacation, I didn´t come for the Spanish or the food, I came here because I have something that these people need, and that is a testimony of Jesus Christ, His atonement, and His church. This work is not about me, it´s about them. I know that every person on this earth is a precious child of God. I know that He loves us all. And I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the  only way we can experience all of the blessings that He has for us.

Love you all!
Hermana Herron

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