Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Hi everyone, and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Christmas is wonderful here at the CCM. There´s lights on all of the palm trees and fireworks going off outside the walls, and we sing Christmas hymns in Spanish everyday. And instead of having classes the rest of this week we have service projects and special programs and devotionals and all that, so I´m pretty excited :)

This past week was exciting because I got to leave the CCM. Twice. The first time was last Thursday when all of the missionaries staying in Mexico had to go to immigration in downtown to get our visas all finished up. We took the scenic way back and we got to see all sorts of amazing landmarks from our bus. Mexico City is really a beautiful city.

The second time was this morning when we got to go to the Mexico City Temple!! It was awesome! This temple is a lot bigger than I'm used to, but it is very very beautiful, and I felt the Spirit so strong there. I'm so glad that they give missionaries in the CCM a chance to go there.

I loved seeing what the city looks like outside the walls of the CCM. Mexico City has mas o menos 27 million people in it. It's one of the largest, if not  the largest, cities in the world! And I can believe it. There is so much life out there, it makes me so excited to finally get out there and start serving a few of these people in just two weeks.

Ok, I'm out of time, but I love you all. Have a wonderful, fantastic, stupendous Christmas!

Hermana Herron

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