Monday, October 31, 2016

The Vision of a Missionary

Hi Everyone. And Happy Halloween

This week is also day of the dead, or dìa de los muertos, here in Mexico. I`m pretty excited for that :)

So, this week I got a new companion, and she is brand new. Her name is Hermana Morillon, and she just left home October 4. I have over 10 months more than her in the mission. But she is fantastic! I would never guess that she was brand new in the mission. We are already good friends, and we are enjoying are time together a lot.

I just have one experience from the week that I wanted to share with you all. We visited Mary Moya this week (she and her son Jordi are recent converts, I don`t remember if I`ve written about them yet... Mary is a very artistic and happy person. She`s a professional singer, and her voice is beautiful. And she`s just always happy and fun to be around. She got baptized 3 or 4 months ago, before I got here. Her son Jordi is 20 years old and got baptized about a month before Mary.) Jordi has completely stopped coming to church, and every time we went to their house, he either wasn`t home or would leave soon after we got there. Well this week he was dead tired from school and work when we showed up, but we somehow convinced him to give us 5 minutos of his time. We asked him some questions to try and figure out what`s been going on, and he started to tell us about his dreams and interests. He has been working and studying very very hard to be able to grow in his career. We asked him what his vision for his life is and he told us that he wants to be retired by the time he`s 40 to be able to have time to pursue other interests. I honestly didn`t really know what to say. Jordi speaks very intelligently and uses big words that I don`t always understand. But I could tell that the problem is that he is primarily focused on material things and outward expressions of success. And even though he told us that he feels good about his progress, we could see that he was absolutely exhausted, and that he knew he was still missing something. I then asked him what he thinks our vision is, as missionaries. Why would we leave behind school and work and home and basically everything that we have to serve a mission. He said, "I don`t know, tell me." And my own answer surprised me.

This is what I told Jordi, and it`s what I want to tell you all too. 

I have never been happier than I am here in the mission. I`ve never had such a clear purpose. I`ve never felt more driven to do my best. I work all the time, every day, without breaks or vacations, yet I`m not tired. There is nothing more energizing than service. And I`m here because, like Jordi, my greatest fear is to not reach my potential. I know that someday I will die and it won`t matter one bit how much money I had or if I had a good job. It won`t matter that much if I had time to learn the guitar or travel the world. But in that day when I return to my Heavenly Father, I don`t want Him to look at me and say, "You didn`t do too bad... but I expected more of you." That is my fear, and that is why I`m here. Because I want help the people that God wants me to help, I want to serve how He wants me to serve, and I want to become what He wants me to become. In the end my career won`t matter. But my service will.

In a great missionary lesson, if I am listening to the Spirit, I learn something new. In the best lessons, if I`m listening to the Spirit, I learn something new about myself.

I love you guys. I`m super happy here. Have a wonderful Halloween and a wonderful week.
-Hermana Herron

Photos: Mi hijita and I ;), and a last photo with Hermana Baquero and with Mary Moya and her animals, Maggie and Romeo

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