Monday, August 29, 2016


Hi everyone,

My mom told me I should send longer emails, but this week I got stuck with a really slow computer, so this week´s email will probably be pretty short again. I´m sorry. Also, this computer and my camera aren´t getting along very well, so you’ll have to wait for pictures until next week too. I´m sorry again.

This week was pretty slow as far as  lessons and finding people goes. I also spent basically the whole week sick. But that´s ok because Saturday, Rodolfo got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time that I got to teach someone all the lessons and see them baptized. It´s something I´ve wanted my whole mission because with the other baptisms I´ve had, I didn´t feel like I really did very much to help the person progress and get to baptism. The funny thing is though, I feel the same way about Rodolfo. Sure, we taught him and planned the baptism and all, but that´s about all we the missionaries did. Like I said, Rodolfo was one of those people who just fell out of the sky already taught and prepared and ready to be baptized. We didn´t do anything to help him, The Lord did all the work. 

Rodolfo is really really special, and the Spirit was very strong in his baptism. He is very happy too. The first few times we visited him, he was a little sad and depressed, but now every time we see him, he has a big smile on his face.

Well, pictures to come next week. I hope you all are working hard and praying and studying the scriptures every day, and that you all have a fantastic week. Love and miss you all!

Hermana Herron

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