Monday, May 9, 2016

Heading to a New Area

Hi everyone!!

Important Spanish words and phrases they never taught me in high school Spanish:
de repente -  all of a sudden
chanclas - flip flops
¡a poco! - Really? How great!
nos vemos - see you later

So cambios, I mean transfers, are tomorrow, and after more than 4 wonderful months here in Cumbria, I´m finally being transferred. I´m off to Aurora tomorrow. I don´t know much about that area, but I´m excited to meet new people and work hard to help and serve them. I´ll tell you all about my new companion and area next week. 

Quick miracle for you all. For a number of weeks we had an investigadora named Santa Rosa who was progressing beautifully. She was very receptive and was searching for her answer. Then about two weeks ago, she disappeared of the face of the planet. We couldn´t find her at home, she wouldn´t answer her phone, she wouldn´t respond to our messages. We were really worried, and we were fasting and praying that we would be able to find her again. We continued trying to contact her every day. Well a couple of days ago, she finally responded!!!! Turns out she is on vacations right now, and for that reason we couldn´t find her. She gets back this coming Saturday, and still wants to keep learning more.

The pictures this week are me and Hermana Loyola with some of the sisters in the ward, Hermana Villa and Hermana Reyes, and then with Hermana Villa her daughters, Sigh... I´m gonna miss this ward.

So, I finished the Book of Mormon this week!! Actually, I finished El Libro de Mormón, because I read the entire book in Spanish. I have heard promises from certain general authorities that if a missionary reads the Book of Mormon in his mission language, he´ll receive the gift of tongues and learn the language and be fluent and all of that. And while I´m still far from fluent, I have definitely learned a lot and felt the power of the gift of tongues that has come from that book. I also read with a certain topic in mind, and I also learned a ton by reading the Book of Mormon with a focus. I´ve started again, and this time I´m going to read with a special focus on repentance. I talked last week about how I´ve been studying repentance so that I can better understand, apply, and teach it. Well, no I´m going to read the whole Book of Mormon to learn even more. If you have never read the Book of Mormon with a specific topic or question in mind, or if you have a specific question that you want answered, read the Book of Mormon, start to finish, looking specifically for the answer. I can promise you that if you read it prayerfully and humbly, you will find your answer. 

The Book of Mormon is true. It is so true. This church is true. The restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith is fact. This is true. It´s all true. I know it. 

Have a fantastic week everyone! And remember to always sing in the rain.

-Hermana Herron

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