Monday, March 7, 2016

Milagros Son Reales!

Hey everyone!

This week started out very hard. We had very little success, no one was keeping commitments, members who had said they would accompany us kept canceling us last minute, we couldn´t find any one at home... it was just rough. I was also struggling because I started wondering if the reason we weren´t having success was something I was or wasn´t doing. I know I´m never going to be a perfect missionary, but I was really starting to think that our lack of success was because of me and my imperfections.

Well, I did improve a lot as a missionary this week, thanks to that. But I believe now that Heavenly Father was just trying my patience a little bit. Because the second half of the week was absolutely amazing! We saw so many miracles, there´s no way I can write about all of them. So just to sum up some important ones:

An eternigator of more than 3 years accepted a baptismal date!

In a lesson with a very angry, very unforgiving menos activa, I felt prompted to ask her to bear her testimony. And her entire countenance literally changed. It was amazing.

We walked into the store of an investigator to visit her, and she had a friend there. We sat down for the lesson and her friend joined us. We were reading from 2 Nephi 31 in the Book of Mormon. Her friend, Angie, said that earlier that week she had heard a quote somewhere that said something along the lines of "There is a book waiting for you, with a message just for you." And she said that as we were reading together. she felt the Spirit tell her that this is that book.

We were in a lesson with a menos activa, and who should knock on the door but one of our investigators! An investigator that we have only taught twice, and who is often hard to find and hardly every home. We had no idea they were friends! She joined us for the rest of the lesson, and once again the Spirit was really strong.

Yesterday all of our appointments fell through, so we were headed for our plan C or something like that when we ran into another less-active. She asked us if we could get some hermanos to come give her niece a blessing, and without going into too much detail, it was really good that we were able to do that. The niece was not in good shape emotionally, and was on the verge of suicidal. The priesthood blessing, and the incredible mother-powers of the hermana who was accompanying us may have saved her life in that moment.

Just a few of the amazing miracles we saw this week.

I love being a missionary.

Ok, for a spiritual thought this week. This mission has a tradition of decorating our planners. On my planner for these 6 weeks, I have two quotes. I want you all to pick one of them, think about it, and share your thoughts with me next week!

"Unless we lose ourselves in the service of others, there is little purpose to our lives." - President Monson

"I testify that He is utterly incomparable in what He is, what He knows, what He has accomplished and what He has experienced. Yet, movingly, He calls us His friends." - Elder Neal A Maxwell

Oh, and pictures! The first one is just a fun one that I took with El Libro de Mormón for my mom. The second was an attempt to get a picture of my zone, and we got almost everyone in. The last two.... so a few weeks ago we had our water tank cleaned because it had a bunch of little bugs living in it, so we had to empty the tank so it could be cleaned. We hated seeing all that water go to waste, so we went ahead and used it to clean and wash clothes, with the facets all the way open. It was actually pretty fun. 

Love you all!

Hermana Herron

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