Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Very Grateful

Hi friends!

So guess what guess what guess what.... Bulmaro came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!

You all remember Bulmaro? I talked about him in the first few weeks after I came to this area. he is blind and has only one leg. Every time he has wanted to come to church, something has happened. He`s gotten sick or fallen the night before. but yesterday he finally came! It made me so so so happy to see him there yesterday, in his big coat and his wheelchair. Yesterday just happened to be the primary program, and he really liked that. And he was still feeling good after Sacrament Meeting, so he came to Gospels Principles class too. It was soooo great! We have been praying and fasting that he would be able to come and he finally did!

Now we just have to baptize him :)

So, yes, anyways, we had a very nice week. 

I read a devotional by Elder Bednar this week that he gave at BYU about 10 years ago, called "Quick to Observe." And it might just change my life, it was that good. He talked about the spiritual gift of being quick to observe, both in our observance of the commandments of God as well as observing the needs of those around us, and how the gift of being quick to observe is a prerequisite of the divine spiritual gift of discernment. It really fortified my desire to seek these gifts of the Spirit. You can read it on the BYU speeches page. 

I also read a devotional by elder Harman Rector Jr. called "Open Your Mouths" this week, and I don`t have time to comment on it, but for all of you who are members of the church, I would like to invite you to read it and to take the challenge that he gives. I don`t know where you can find it on the internet, so, if you can`t find it either, let me know and I`ll give you at least the invitation next week. 

Well, out of time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I really am grateful for this gospel. I am very grateful for my Savior Jesus Crist, for His atonement, and for the great opportunity I have to go tell everyone about it. I am grateful for the chance I have had this week to see the Atonement working in the lives of people here in Mexico. I am grateful for the privilege I have to talk to my Heavenly Father through prayer, and I am so grateful that He always takes the time to listen to me and to answer.

I love this gospel!

And I love you all too!

-Hermana Herron

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