Monday, November 14, 2016

Farewell to the Titensors

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all having a very nice November. I´m trying very very hard to ignore the fact that I´m old and that I´ve been out here for almost a year already.

So just two quick things from this week:

First of all, President and Hermana Titensor have been officially and honorably released. President Titensor came back on Friday and got to see us and talk to us one last time. As part of that, all of the missionaries here in the Cuautitlan and Tepalcapa Zones sang I am a Child of God for him, (in English!), and I played the piano. Mexicans aren´t exactly known for having the best voices in the world, but it was actually really really beautiful. I think we were all crying a little bit, President Titensor most of all.

I love President and Hermana Titensor a lot. They have taught me so so so much, by their words and their example, and the mission just doesn´t feel the same without them. They live in Orem Utah, too, so hopefully I´ll be able to visit them again after my mission when I´m back at BYU. 

President Garcia will be presiding over the mission until next July when the new president comes. We had a zone conference on Wednesday so we got to meet him and Hermana Garcia there. Of course all of us are still kinda in shock and still adjusting to the change, but they seem very nice. President Garcia is very wise and strict, and has a lot of experience, but at the same time he is... I don´t remember the word, but he seems to do things and make decisions on the fly a lot. 

The zone conference was interesting too, because for the last hour, the stake and ward leaders were invited for a small part about working together with the missionaries. And because Barrio Joyas is the best, they asked us to hold a quick, real Ward council there in front of everyone! It was the second ward council ever of Hermana Morillon. But it went well. It was the most productive 20 minutes any ward council has ever had I´m sure :) But my ward here really is the best, so it wasn´t any different than normal. 

Ok, the other quick thing is that we had a regional conference yesterday. It was broadcast from Salt Lake to all of Mexico, and it was really good. Sister Carol F. McConkie, Elder Benjamin de Hollos, Elder Robert D. Hales, and President Nelson all spoke. Elder de Hollos is from Mexico, so he conducted and spoke in perfect Spanish, but I was surprised when both Sister McConkie and President Nelson also delivered their talks in Spanish! They both have a very strong gringo accent, stronger than mine ;) but it was really good. And I think it shows a lot of love and respect for Mexico and the members here and their language that they went to the trouble to speak in Spanish. I loved it.

If your prayers lately have been getting a little repetitive or lazy, I invite you all to evaluate your prayers and really start again to pray with your heart. Prayer works, I can promise you all that. 

Sé que Jesucristo es mi salvador y que vive. Y esta es Su iglesia.

Les amo muchísimo, que tengan una semana muy linda.

-Hermana Herron

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