Sunday, April 3, 2016

Feliz Pascua everyone!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter. Easter itself isn´t really that big here, even among members. La Semana Santa, the whole Holy Week, is huge among the Catholics though. And basically everyone here is either Mormon or Catholic or Jehovah´s Witness. 

I´ve officially finished my training now, and tomorrow we have cambios, or changes ( I honestly don´t remember what they´re called in English). Hermana Gonzalez is leaving me to go be a Sister Training Leader in the neighboring stake, but I get to stay here in Mira Azul! I don´t know my new compañera yet, but I´m sure she´ll be great. 

This week was a little rough. We lost a lot of investigators. I really hate losing investigators. It´s the worst. It makes me super sad. But we also found new investigators. 

I´m reminded over and over again that I´m not the one doing any work here, like I said last week. It is 100% the Lord. We spent a good portion of the week working to get investigadoras and hermanas to attend the Womens Session of General Conference on Saturday (which, by the way, was awesome. I mean, I watched it in Spanish, so I didn´t understand everything, but what I did understand was amazing! I loved the focus on love and service. And the music was beautiful! If you missed it, go to right now and watch it.) We invited and reminded everyone, and before the conference we called about 5 people and personally stopped by 3 houses to pick people up. But not a single one of them came. So we were feeling a little bummed as we sat in the conference, and then who should walk in but the wife of a past investigator who dropped us and a new investigator that we have only taught once! We couldn´t believe it! I just know that it wasn´t anything that we did that brought them, but the Spirit. Amazing how the Lord works sometimes. 

This week we did divisions. Hermana Gonzalez went with an hermana in our ward to visit some people on one side of the area, and I went with another hermana to visit people on the other side, so that we could have more lessons. The hermanas that were going to accompany us both canceled the day of, so we were scrambling a little to find two more. Eventually we found one hermana, but Hermana Bingham had to fill in for the other. Since Hermana Bingham only speaks English really, she went with me so that I could translate. I was terrified. I would have to do all of the talking, all of the understanding, and all of the teaching on my own, in Spanish. But it had to be done so I did it. The Lord more than made up for my efforts. I was able to understand basically everything, and we had a first lesson with a new investigator, and she is golden! She accepted a baptismal date and to come to church and she has real desires to learn and grow more.

Oh, fun fact. Here we drink aguas all the time, but hardly ever is it just plain water. It´s always water with the juice and pulp of some fruit. My favorites are agua de fresa (strawberry), de mango, y de mandarina. 

Also, quick reminder that you all had better prepare for and watch General Conference. It´s this weekend, and I am SUPER excited!

Love and miss you all!
Hermana Herron

ps. Pictures: Two more attempts to get a picture of my district (it´s really hard to get us all in there sometimes), the tlayudas we made today with Hermana Pilar, and Hermana Gonzalez and I with the sister training leaders.  (* For pictures above.)

pps. Pictures! They include my attempts to get a picture of my district and our little St Patricks day party (St. Patrick´s Day isn´t that popular in Mexico, but our district leader is from New Hampshire, so we celebrated it anyways), and a selfie that Hermana Gonzalez and I tried to take at the Ward Noche de Hogar.  (* Below - Pictures that were sent with last week's letter.)

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