Monday, December 5, 2016

Light the World

Hi everyone,

Well, this week was nice.... honestly all of the days and weeks have kinda blurred together.

Well, we have worked really hard here in this area, and one of the biggest problems we have been facing has been finding the time to visit all of the investigators we have that are progressing, help other investigators start to progress, and keep finding new investigators. Because our area is so big and there isn´t much transportation, it sometimes feels like we spend a lot more time walking than teaching. Well, the Lord answered our prayers in an unexpected way. This transfer we are going to be opening Joyas 1 and Joyas 2. Sister Morill√≥n and I are going to be here in Joyas 2, which has the colonias Santa Elena, Joyas, and Villas, the zone leaders are going to arrive in Joyas 2, which is the rest of the area. I´m a little sad about losing half of the people that we´re teaching, but I know that it´s better this way, because all the people here deserve more time than we can give them. I´ve never shared a ward with another companionship before, so it should be fun. 

Ok, next thing, this week we started the new Christmas Initiative, Ilumina el munda.... Dejenme checar como es en ingles..... Light the World. And it is super beautiful. If you have not yet heard about it or seen the video, go to right now and click on the first thing you see. And then decide what you are going to do this Christmas season to follow the example of our Savior and light the world. There are ideas on of things you can do everyday, but choose at least one thing. 

Also, if you didn´t get a chance to see the Christmas devotional last night, please see it. And cheer every time you see a French horn for me. 

With the initiative and the Christmas devotional and the new Christmas season we´re entering, I´ve been thinking a lot about Christ. Even more than normal. Nothing I do as a missionary has any meaning without Christ. I am one of His representatives, and I have the opportunity everyday to testify of Him. But it also surprised me when I first got here in the mission how many menial things we do as well, like filling out forms and calling a million people on the phone everyday and looking for members to accompany us and things like that. If we do the normal everyday things just because we have to do them, it´s rather boring and routine. But if I do it because I love my Savior, because I want to serve Him, with my eye single to the glory of God, then this becomes the most amazing work and the most amazing life ever. 

So, dedicate a few moments today to the Savior. And a few minutes tomorrow, and the next day and the next.... For those of you who are members of the church, you have covenanted to always remember Christ. I challenge you to try a little more to keep that covenant.

I love you all. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers.
Hermana Herron

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